Metro Chic Salon & Boutique
6541 Raeford Rd Suite 104
Fayetteville NC 28304

  • What is the purpose of an eyelash extension?  (They can enhance your own lashes by lengthening, thickening, darkening, make you look younger and also making your eyes the focal point by adding innocence, allure, mystery, or out right DRAMA depending on your style!)
  • What does this procedure entail and how long does it take?  (The eyelash extensions will be done by using medical grade glue & bonding each individual lash to your own lashes one  at a time approximately .05 to 1.00 millimeter away from your eye lid.  The lashes can be made of silk, synthetic fiber, mink, or human hair, and all being totally weightless and comfortable.  As far as the time that it takes is determined by WHAT LOOK you are going for!   Allow about 2 -3.5hours of  “SHUT EYE”.  The client will by laying down with protective medical tape to protect  lower lashes, then you will have COLLAGEN INFUSING GEL PADS for comfort on the top and the bottom of each eye )
  • How long do they last?  (They should last through your lash growth cycle which varies from 30-80 days, provided that you take care of them by following through with the after care & other things that determine the life of your extensions are… ones own lash characteristics, & over all lifestyle) ( you will be given written directions for the after care of your new lashes  and can purchase life extender sealant)
  • How are they removed?  ( They are removed with a specially formulated remover made for semi-permanent lash glue by your salon professional)
  • How often should you get “touch-ups?”  For best results, you should have touch-up appointment every 2-3 weeks to keep them “prime”.
  • How much do they cost?  There is a one time fee of $225.00 for your initial new set as it takes a lot of time and product then $15.00-$100.00 there after depending on how many need to be touched up. (note: The longer you have them done, the longer their life span will be and you will not even notice that they are on!
  • Are nail technicians in North Carolina licensed to apply semi-permanent eyelash extensions?  (NO!!! THEY SHOULD ONLY BE DONE BY A LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST OR ESTHETICIAN THAT IS CERTIFIED TO DO EYELASH EXTENSIONS IN ACCORDANCE  WITH STATE LAW. )

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