How to communicate your hair vision

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Hello and Happy New Year!

I thought I would address this particular topic, because I find that after 18 years as a cosmetologist; this subject comes up several times a year. The subject in hand is COMMUNICATION between YOU the client and your STYLIST to get your hair vision translated. 
Whether you have a regular stylist or you have a new stylist, you probably have had a time or two when you walked out of a salon unhappy because you didn’t get the exact style you envisioned for yourself. The cut/style was good but not what you wanted right?
Well…to narrow down the confusion a bit; you could bring in a photo or choose one at the salon; then discuss the particular choice with your stylist to see if it truly is a right fit for your lifestyle and hair texture so you can recreate it at home!
Most people choose pictures of hair styles that take more time to style than what they want to spend to recreate the salon look. It is only natural that we are drawn to beautiful hair and beautiful people!
My experience is to consult with your stylist for the best fit for your face shape and lifestyle and then negotiate from there! This will ensure that you and your stylist are on the same page and that you can recreate the look at home and not be overwhelmed by the styling process.
I hope this was a fun and interesting read! Thanks for stopping by!


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