Good cut/style vs. Bad cut/style


Have you ever wondered why your hair never looks the same on either side; even with a new hair cut?
Well, aside from it being a terrible hair cut and lacking any foundation; It might be one of many reasons for that. One, our hair usually grows in only one circular direction, therefore, curving inwards on one side and kicking out on one side. Two, you and your hair stylist might have miscommunicated what you wanted your finished vision to be.
IE: “you hate hair styles that have a lot of movement and kick out every which way”; yet you asked for a layered hair cut to lesson a lot of weight or your stylist just pretends he or she did not hear any of your concerns and does what they want regardless of what you want or not. Anyway…there are many different reasons.

There are so many factors that contribute to unhappy results at the salon. It is really important that you and your hair stylist have great communications at all times even if you are a regular client to that hair stylist. We as women, especially, change our minds and very commonly are undecided. There is nothing wrong with that quality as long as you aren’t so rigid in what you want. When you established a good rapport with your hair stylist, you should stick with them because they know you, your hair, growth pattern, and any other qualities that are pertinent.

Don’t be affraid to try something new! Getting out of your comfort zone from time to time is very beneficial to personal growth! I wish you loads of personal growth, and with the right partner in your regular hair stylist will also benefit your personal style! #LovingwhatIdo!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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