Spring Brides Hair and Makeup Tips!

Expert Hair Cut and Color Done Right!

Metro Chic Salon & Boutique
6541 Raeford Rd Suite 104
Fayetteville NC 28304

Spring is finally here and June weddings will be here before you know it!
It is a great idea to get a practice session in with a good stylist and get your hair and makeup done before the weekend so you can see and feel what it is gonna be like only longer!   If your having a time with what style you want, to whether it is gonna be worn up, down, or half up half down, then ask your stylist to show you some styles that can be built upon and therefore you can have an idea on how it would look 2-3 ways before the final style.  Take pictures all the way through so you can refer to it when making your final decision and picture it with your DRESS!

Have your makeup also layered from light to darker with photos as you go.  The darker might be good for the reception and rehearsal dinner!

The wedding day makeup should make you look like YOU, but way better!  Going really soft is great but could transfer as really bland and dull in photos.

The key highlights that should be focused on in my opinion are eyebrows (shape, structure, &shade) eyelashes (thick, full with length&  depth )  cheeks should be rosy like” the blushing bride” should look!  YOUTHFUL!  Lips should be a natural shade but richer than your own.  Crimson Red can also be beautiful for the occasion for the right complexion and look that you want.  Foundation should not be visibly noticed but rather flawless and clean!

If your eyelashes are fine, short, light, or straight, you might want to try some semi permanent eyelash extensions (water proof) flawless and natural without the fear of crying them OFF!

Please go to our link below to see photos; sample of some Natura Lash semi permanent lash extensions and hair styles! Thank you f or visiting!

Metro Chic Salon & Boutique
6541 Raeford Rd Suite 104
Fayetteville NC 28304


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