Stop Summer Frizzies!

Metro Chic Salon & Boutique
Sally Jones


Look how awesome this “Pravana Perfection” We are one of the few salons in <a class="zem_slink" title="Fayetteville, North Carolina"”><Fayetteville, NC. that offers this particular service and brand of product! Unlike the thermal straighteners of the past that used to over-process your hair and make it so weak and brittle, Pravana Perfection Treatment will leave your hair stronger while infusing Keratin Protein into your hair and use memory to reform the bonds and leave the hair more manageable and easy to style with out the damage and it won’t make your hair so “bone straight” that it just lays flat with no body or without holding any curl!!! The treatment lasts 3 months and lasts longer with each retouch service. this service takes anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on length and density of your hair. It has no form of formaldihide and therefore very safe!hair texture and volume. It usually costs $100.00 an hour for the service since it is a very extensive one.

After Pravana Perfection Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Before Pravana Perfection Keratin Smoothing Treatment


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