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I have been a certified eye lash extension specialist for over three years and I have heard a lot of horror stories of “nail salons” giving BAD eye lash extensions and have seen a lot of clients coming in and asking me to “FIX” their bad lashes!

I think this influx in “bad” eye lash extensions are due to several reasons; demand, price, non-certified/trained people giving these extensions, and operators misleading clients into receiving “single lash extensions” or “individual lash extensions”(not individual hair lashes), when in reality they are small clusters or strip lashes that are cut and placed under the eye lashes of the client and glued with a non-medical grade foreign adhesive. If that wasn’t disturbing enough, they often tweezer press the adhesive together, therefore leaving it to look like a thick band of black mess!

I wish I can show before and after photos to you but I’m sure that you have seen this type of eye lashes around in your area. The most common “fixer upers” are very sparse eye lashes and worst being none to the naked eye or vision!

Most recently, I met a new client that went to her local nail salon to get those INFAMAOUS “singles/ individual lash extensions”, and she ended up with all her eye lashes being plucked out by her 3rd visit! I don’t know what they did since I wasn’t there, but can just imagine what happened since I have seen a lot of disasterous lash extensions in the past. I refered her to see an M.D. and get some lash growth serum. She was very fortunate that after 5 weeks of using a lash growth serum, her lashes were full enough to get a “proper” certified semi-permanent eye lash extension service from myself.

It is very impairative to have eye lash extensions properly applied by a certified eye lash extension specialist for every visit and not just for refills, since there is a way to extend, remove, and refill them properly to ensure new lash/hair growth.

Please check out my website for some before and after photos!

Thank you for reading!



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